Hey You Guys!

Even the Goonies think this series with Kansas City was ugly.

There are more than a few of you out there who think I am delusional (at best) and blind (at worst).  But even I can admit that this past series with the Royals was a big, fat, hairy, pimply, stinky, butt ugly mess.

And, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that ranking third in strikeouts and last in home runs is not the road to 90 wins. And oh yeah, we are hurting up the middle and our bullpen is getting rocked.

Is that what you wanted to hear? Are you happy now One-Eyed Willie?

Well screw you and the horse you came into town on. I remain both confident and optimistic that this team… Manny Acta’s team… my team is going to turn the corner soon. We may be losing right now, but we are losing in all the right ways that provide hope for improvement.

This ain’t the 1970 Indians who finished 32 games behind the Baltimore Orioles and continued on that path for an entire decade, never once finishing higher than 4th place in their division. These are the 2010 Indians.  We’ve got a good starting rotation with the potential to be great.  We have a fair lineup that will definitely get better and we have a fundamentally strong defense that is currently suffering from a couple of unfortunate injuries.

But the planets and the stars will align before we get to the all-star break. And Tom Neumann and Dominic Litten and all you other faint-of-heart fans will be begging to  jump on the bandwagon. I will leave it to Sloth to decide if you can get on.

15 down, 75 to go.


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