Who Are These Guys?

Thanks to the unexpected early departure of the Cleveland Cavaliers from the NBA playoffs, there are a whole bunch of quasi sports fans who just remembered Cleveland also has a professional baseball team.

And after hearing that the Tribe laid the smackdown on the Baltimore Orioles Saturday and Sunday, a lot of those fans are asking a very important question at the water cooler this morning: Who are these guys?

It’s a fair question.

This is a team that never gets any play on ESPN and rarely gets mentioned with the local media, unless it is to remind us that the 2010 Indians are a hapless, hopeless mess.

In point of fact, it takes the Baltimore Sun – an out-of-town newspaper – to report: “Orioles can’t touch Westbrook in Indians‘ 5-1 win.” Too bad the Plain Drudgery can’t get behind “these guys” the way the Baltimore media does.

In case you are wondering, “these guys” are now in 3rd place with a 15-20 record. “These guys” have played .500 ball over the last ten games. “These guys” are warriors.

“These guys” have won 15 and have 75 more to go. “These guys” will do it.


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