Something to Smile About

On a night when Cavs and LOST fans had very little to smile about, Russell Branyan gave Indians fans the equivalent of a family reunion grin fest.

Not one, but two home runs in a season when home runs have been hard to come by… just ask young Grady Sizemore.

Brian Bannister, who gave up the first shot to Branyan had this to say about Rusty: “I think Joakim and I both regret, more than anything, where we were trying to throw the pitch to Branyan,” Bannister said. “We let him get his arms extended. He hasn’t hit any home runs this year, but…he is a dangerous hitter.”

That’s right, Russell Branyan is dangerous. Fear the sneer.

And let’s not forget Jake Westbrook, whose performance garnered the attention of USA Today writer Seth Livingstone, who said: “And this was the Jake Westbrook the Cleveland Indians have been waiting to see — again.”

A dozen down, 78 to go. Let the winning streak begin.


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