The Lost and Found Weekend

To quote Don Birman, the incurable drunk from Lost Weekend: “Let me have one, Nat. I’m dying. Just one.”

My thanks to the bartender and to Mark Grudzielanek. After mounting a comeback on Friday, only to have it disappear with the low clouds and high winds, it was oh so sweet to get that win on Sunday.

Yeah, I know what you want to say: “Jim, the Tribe has only won 11 games so far this season… they suck.” But you would be wrong. With the exception of only a handful of games, this team – MY TEAM – has been competitive in virtually every game they played this year.

I could just as easily remind you that ownership is the real culprit for the teams’ current situation. The Cleveland Indians started the 2010 season with a $61,203,966 player payroll, a 24.98 percent decline from 2009’s $81,579,166. The nearly 25 percent decline is the second biggest drop from last year to this behind only the Pirates.

But I am not a fan of excuses. 11 down, 79 to go.


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