Top 10 Signs you are a 2010 Indians Fan

10. You watched the Tribe game on Saturday and only flipped to the Cavs-Celtics game during commercials.

9. You think Manny Acta is the coolest cat in the MLB.

8. You carry a copy of the Cleveland Indians 2010 Schedule in your wallet.

7. You can actually name all the starting players on the team.

6. You know that the Indians currently lead the league in double plays.

5. You still have faith that Hafner (.197) and Peralta (.227) will eventually come around and have good seasons.

4. You know the batting averages of Hafner and Peralta.

3. You are actually excited that we got Russell Branyan back on the team.

2. You think Chris Perez is the second coolest cat in the MLB.

1. You believe the Indians can win 90 games this year and you’re writing a blog to prove it.


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