“Gozinta” Problems are Hard.

Last night, just a few hours before the game got started, I stopped at my sister’s to help her youngest daughter with her math homework.

Imagine what a full sheet of long division problems must look like to a 10-year-old… all those numbers just staring you in a face, taunting you to figure them out.

So we started out with the first row of three problems, breaking it down number by number until we got them all right. Then I sent her up to the plate on her own to face the next problem; she tried, but buckled. So we worked together on the next three.

Eventually we got to the last row of the final three problems and I cut her loose. “You can do this,” I assured her. And she did. One-by-one she solved the last three problems on her own.

Now I realize that 3 out of 12 is only a .250  batting average, but John Lowenstein would have taken that most years.

The point is, we are making progress every step along the way. The Indians lost 5-2 yesterday. They managed 8 hits, but gave up 15 (that never works). But in the world of division  homework, we haven’t even finished the first row of problems yet.  We’ll get there… we are closer than you think.

8 down, 82 to go.


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