Paul Hoynes Puts the “WAH” Into Chief Wahoo

In case you missed last night’s 10:00 p.m. fiasco, the Tribe got dusted by the Oakland Athletics. 

The Plain Dozer gave the Indians an ‘F’ for their effort. Paul Hoynes proclaimed “the Indians couldn’t just lose. They had to embarrass themselves.”

Wah, wah, wah, someone call the wahmbulance. If this keeps up, Paul Hoynes will jump off the Lorain Carnegie bridge before we get to the All-Star break.

Hey, Milwaukee pasted the Pirates the other night 20-0; maybe Pittsburgh should sell the team. Or maybe we should remember there are 162 games in a season.  And sometimes we are going to have the smackdown laid on us.  And sometimes we are going to lay the smackdown on someone else. Welcome to the bigs.

Was the Tribe good last night? No. In fact, was it ugly at times? Yes. But this team is far from hopeless. We’ve got a roster full of potential – young players putting it together, older players recovering from injuries, pitchers trying to find their groove.

There is in fact, ample room for hope. Not the least of which is a very smart manager who simply lets  his players play. Manny Acta will not pull a player at the first sign of struggle. He will not pull a player after one too many errors. He will not pull a pitcher when he gets to the 99th pitch in his count. He will not pull a batter just because he hasn’t connected in two consecutive games. He will not even come out of the dugout to bitch at an umpire unless he is absolutely certain of a bad call.

Manny Acta is a man’s man. And the Cleveland Indians are a diamond in the rough. Paul Hoynes on the other hand is a crybaby and is officially banned from the Wahoo Bandwagon.

7 down, 83 to go. Don’t mess with my team.


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