It Happens

Last night’s 5-1 loss was the result of a not-so master-ful performance. Still, it is not the end of the line for young Jamaican Justin Masterson. It was just a bad night out.

It happens.

I think the bigger concern for the Tribe – on their road to 90 – is when will the boys start hitting more consistently.  The team batting average is paltry.  We are not getting enough hits and we are not scoring enough runs.

I think it is unfair and untrue to blame the lack of bounce on great pitching from our opponents (though we have faced some pretty good pitching). Rather, it feels to me like we need a spark… a jolt… a kick in the arse.

Perhaps Russell Branyan can be the catalyst. It’s rare that a guy like Russell could make a significant difference, but hey. It happens.


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