Feisty Fausto Forges Future

And the first Wahoo Winner Award of the 2010 season goes to Feisty Fausto Carmona.

Six innings pitched, six walks given up, one hit allowed, one big fat victory scored.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was entertaining. The Indians never gave up, never surrendered. Grady Grade A Sizemore came out of his early season slumber to drive in two and rally the team to a 3-3 tie. Matt “make mine a double” LaPorta then came back in the seventh to drive home the Fu-Man Choo and put it away.

And yes, the Tribe – my Tribe – is now officially on the Road to 90… one down, 89 to go (hey Dominic, Shaq called and wants to know how my arse tastes).

Did you watch this game?  Did you feel the energy? Can you even name four players by position? LOL. Welcome to Tribetown 2010, it’s a whole new world.

And though I don’t expect any new fans any time soon, the bandwagon is wide open and ready for new passengers.


One Response to “Feisty Fausto Forges Future”

  1. exeqnation Says:

    The Tribe is awesome and I love them, but they won’t win 90.


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